Sunday, February 10, 2013

Johnny Depp Looks Cool

With the name John Christopher Depp as the Johnny Depp was born in june 9 1963 in Owensboro, Kentucky, U.S. he is the talented guy with and American actor, movie producer as well musician too. He has amazing kind of acting skill and the inner talent, that’s why he won the ‘Golden Globe Award’ and ‘Screen Actors Guild’ awards for best actor. Depp is the versatile actor as well the musician too. He got raised in Florida. He got left his school when he was 15 and he is hopping to be the good rock musician. The he started a series of garage bands with including the kids. Which once opened for Lggy Pop. However, he got married Lori Anne Allison, that taken up the job of being a ballpoint pen seles man to support himself and of his wife.In a visit of Los Angeles, california, and being on htere. by the time he met u with the actor Nicolas Cage, who advised him to turn to the acting field. Which culminated in Depp's film debut in the low budget horror movie, A Nightmare on Elm Street in 1984. where he played a teenager who falls prey to dream-stalking demon Freddy Krueger.
After that it became the movie career. There use to be obstacle in the each step. So for them it needs to solve by single to single. Johnny Depp is the actor as well movie producer. That’s why he is quite clever than rests. He has been working in various movies and the documentaries. He had played in various movies. Somehow they are Dark Shadows, 21 Jump Street, Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides, Public Enemies, Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Corpse Bride, Slow Burn, A Nightmare on Elm Street and many more.

Well he had played in the various movies and it is really good to be the well known actor in the world as the mass. So long it is really good that the Johnny Depp is the top most star of the Hollywood.

Amazing Voice with Atif Aslam

 The amazing vocal cord having by the guy with the various good talents is the Atif Aslam. Aslam was born in 12 March 1984 in warizabad, Gujranwala, Punjab, Pakistan. He got his education form Lahore and Rawalpindi. His soulful voice makes everyone to fall for him. He has been working in his band ‘Jal’. Due to some problem he left the band and became solo. Its becoming the good for him to be known as the single solo performer. This is very rare that someone sees along with the right amount of personality and the right amount of talent, the charisma, the style, the courage, its as about the passion of the excel.

The talent becomes hidden first. Then it needs to be exposed.  Somehow each and every person have the talent in inner of him. But the matter is how to show and how much to show. This is the matter that the Atif Aslam is from Pakistan and he became well known in the world with his talent. Aslam is good singing guy with the cool and amazing voice. Each and every people must struggle for get the success in the life. In a same way the guy Aslam also had struggled for his career. There was no one that in music field of his family. His family background is not the musical. He has his raw talents by the time he made him the struggled guy and became at the well known stage.
There is the help of god in next hand to him. Because of knowing no one even not to support to him in a angle. But also he got touched the success of the hill. When he published his first album “Jal Pari” , it became the fate to him. He got lots of offers after of the songs got published in the Pakistan. He had been getting much more supports by the audiences. With the time he got the movie chance too. He is a good actor too. He had played in various music videos as well in the movie screen too. Somehow Aslam is the cool guy with the good appearance and having cool voice with to attract the persons heart in a time.

Saturday, February 9, 2013

Cool Jenifer Lopez

Jennifer  Lopez is the cool multiple talent girl. She was born on July 24, 1969, in the Castle Hill section of the Bronx. She is well known in various fields by the time. She is an American actress, dancer, entrepreneur, fashion designer, film producer, philanthropist and singer at together. Mostly she likes to design the things as on arts. That’s why she mostly choose the fashion and modeling field. It is really good for her to be the unique in surrounded. She had played the various top most cool movies. Jenifer Lopez from Hollywood, she got such extreme talent that ever couldn’t get refill with next. She is much more to her. Being the cool at with own style and getting the much more fashionable to the audience is her most cool desire. Lopez has sung various western songs. Most of the songs of her is famous and well reputed. She is good in acting. Her best movies are being selected for the Oscar nomine too. Some how it may be the something extra and unique the story in the real based.
It is really good that the Jenifer Lopez is well known in each of the field that she has chosen. She is good dancer, fashion designer as well as the film producer too. It is really good that the one person in the different field as the well reputed. The thing desired is not only sufficient. This theory used to followed by the Lopez and got successes in her life. She is a beautiful women with her fabulous dimple style.
The coolness in each and every work done by Lopez is the next good point for her to be unique and extra than other people. She has got such a good grants that ever couldn’t get rest. So the Jenifer Lopez is the cool girl with her work to the mass ever could rest in mind of her job.
Laterly she had played a movie named “Parker”. She has been seeming the cool one. The next top most cool actor Jason Statham is together on screen with Lopez. It is really good movie that played by the Lopez on screen. There have been good expectation from this movie as the producer as well the actor and actress too. So the Jenifer Lopez is the cool girl with her good work on the various fields and got successes in all steps of her.

Cool Women Angelina Jolie

Angelina Jolie is the Hollywood actress as well film director with the various multi talents. She was born in 1975 june 4thin the Angelina Jolie Voight. She is really good actress with the cool talents.  She has extreme talent to express with in the mass of her own. Jolie is being introduced as on her own way. She is good in acting. With the childhood she became interested in the acting. And with the time she started the acting class and became the good actress. One of the most cool scandal is that the Hollywood movie industry, its been record that the Jolie is the one top most expensive highly paying actress. It seems that the good talent got the price tag. Angelina Jolie has taken the acting class when she was teen. Then latterly she joined for the fashion designs.  She got success in the field of the fashion designing. Then the heart became to the arts and entertainment.  It is good that Angelina Jolie got success in each and every steps of her life in of the good prestige.  She is the cool and good looking women at all.
In the known and to be heard that the Angelina  Jolie is the cool women with the divine beauty. Angelina Jolie is the Oscar winning actress. And became popular with taking on the title role in the “Lara Croft” series of blockbuster movies. In next hand it use to be known the Jolie to the contributor for the different organizations.  
She has well known in the action sorts of bravery girl with the various cool stuns. She is beautiful and it is also cool that she has various talents that is really more valuable to be the Jolie. She had played the various Hollywood movies. She has knowledge of about the various kinds of languages as well the movie roled in the such different languages. So long she also has felt of about the some kind of risk with her life. The relation between she and her father is not so likely good but also she had done the such a good job with her life. There use to e said that the being the ordinary with in the boundary of any project is the good thing but it is also more good than that being ordinary in the same topic in comparison to others is really nice at all.
So the Jolie got her talent in her field as to be the good one at ordinary way. Jolie is the cool and beautiful women with the different knowledge and skill as on the screen role and she got well reputed  with her talent to be shown. So there are lots of fans of the Angelina Jolie for being the cool one at the mass world.

Friday, February 8, 2013

Wish to play Nepali Movie

Udita Goswami was born in Dehradun of Indian and studied in Kathmandu, capital city of Nepal. She is well popular in the Bollywood. Previous prime minister Tulasi Giri’s granddaughter Udita can speak Nepal language well. In Bollywood she had played in the various movies. Some of the top most movies are ‘Paap’, ‘Jehar’, ‘Aksar’, ‘Dil diya hey’, ‘Fox’, ‘Kis se pyar karu’, ‘Chase’, ‘mere dost picture avi baki hey’, ‘dairy of a butterfly’ and as so on. She had sang the song ‘kolaveri di’ in the nepali version too. She got the named as an the hot actress in the Bollywood industry.
She had gone for the modeling to the dilhi. During the time she met the producer Puja Bhatt. She had seen to Goswami in the magazine. Producer Bhatt had come to see to Udita to the dilhi. And latterly the producer gave her the break in the movie “paap”. It was the first moive of the Udita in the Bollywood movie industry. She was the top model during the time. That’s why she mustn’t struggle vary hard. She is the one who is really lucky. By the unthought achievement got in hand. Udita wants to go in Hollywood for the moive. And she wants to struggle in the Hollywood.
Udita Goswami is well known of Nepal. And her blood is of the nepali bravery person. She seems much more hot in the screen. But in real she is not as seen in the screen. She usually wears the normal jeans and t-shirt. She likes nepali food. Her family is totally of the nepali culture. It is really good and proud of the Nepal. Udita Goswami sings the nepali songs during the time. She thinks that the nepali are the such a bravery person who can give and take the life of the person in a second. That’s why she little scared with the nepali person. There are lots of things that she need to do in her life, she applied.
And eventually she expressed that she wants to play the nepali movie as on the nepali good script as for the good name.

Monday, February 4, 2013

Justin Bebir broke up with Gomez

The top most Hollywood singer Justin Bebir has got broken up with the hot relationship with Celina Gomez. It’s been lots time that the relationship with her as the girlfriend of the Bebir. And there was the something  misunderstanding in relationship as according. Since the date with the Pattinon , its been the cold  in relation with the Gomez. The couple is getting highly recommended since the time. So long it is the really good that they got the long publish in the mass of the best couple award too. So the fans and followers of Bebir and Gomez is being little upset with their relationship disorder. In-order that they both are from the same field as the singing. In a time they have the same profession and passion on the music. But somehow they wanted to enlarge the career of them. Working together is the goodness as the time with in the same field. They have been good in relationship as the boyfriend and girlfriend at the past time. They got some obstacles with the relationship and got broke up with each other. The Gomez has been from the same field as the modeling as well the singing career. Both of them has been played as the screen role as in the movie too. But both of them are good in their appearance as well as on their image too.
The most of the super hit songs by the Bebir as like, ‘favorite girl’, ‘baby-baby’, ‘Boyfriend’, ‘believe’, ‘pray’, ‘Be Alright’, ‘Down To Earth’ and in a same way by Gomez ‘Bang Bang Bang’, Falling Down’, Naturally’ . so long there is good image has got remain as with them. The relationship got the extra face as on the normal living way. So it got the ordinary so they got broke up as to get the real success in the real life. Sometime the sense of humor works as the way. So the relationship got in that way. Anyway there is such a situation got creates as like in the relationship. Somehow they gonna so something good as they do in the relationship life. The most of the cases are being got created as by the time and the situation. It is the news of the relationship. The American singer Justin Bebir got break up with Celena Gomez. There are so many things to do and to be done in the real life. So hopefully they both got successes  in their bright and precious life, the fans and followers of them is being wishing to them. And eventually, they may got patch up with themselves as on their way.  It would be  really good to work and see in the same field to them with together in near future. So they would be together and see them together again in near future.