Monday, February 4, 2013

Justin Bebir broke up with Gomez

The top most Hollywood singer Justin Bebir has got broken up with the hot relationship with Celina Gomez. It’s been lots time that the relationship with her as the girlfriend of the Bebir. And there was the something  misunderstanding in relationship as according. Since the date with the Pattinon , its been the cold  in relation with the Gomez. The couple is getting highly recommended since the time. So long it is the really good that they got the long publish in the mass of the best couple award too. So the fans and followers of Bebir and Gomez is being little upset with their relationship disorder. In-order that they both are from the same field as the singing. In a time they have the same profession and passion on the music. But somehow they wanted to enlarge the career of them. Working together is the goodness as the time with in the same field. They have been good in relationship as the boyfriend and girlfriend at the past time. They got some obstacles with the relationship and got broke up with each other. The Gomez has been from the same field as the modeling as well the singing career. Both of them has been played as the screen role as in the movie too. But both of them are good in their appearance as well as on their image too.
The most of the super hit songs by the Bebir as like, ‘favorite girl’, ‘baby-baby’, ‘Boyfriend’, ‘believe’, ‘pray’, ‘Be Alright’, ‘Down To Earth’ and in a same way by Gomez ‘Bang Bang Bang’, Falling Down’, Naturally’ . so long there is good image has got remain as with them. The relationship got the extra face as on the normal living way. So it got the ordinary so they got broke up as to get the real success in the real life. Sometime the sense of humor works as the way. So the relationship got in that way. Anyway there is such a situation got creates as like in the relationship. Somehow they gonna so something good as they do in the relationship life. The most of the cases are being got created as by the time and the situation. It is the news of the relationship. The American singer Justin Bebir got break up with Celena Gomez. There are so many things to do and to be done in the real life. So hopefully they both got successes  in their bright and precious life, the fans and followers of them is being wishing to them. And eventually, they may got patch up with themselves as on their way.  It would be  really good to work and see in the same field to them with together in near future. So they would be together and see them together again in near future.