Sunday, February 17, 2013

Tom Cruse Is Back With Oblivion

Tom Cruise’s real name is Thomas Cruise Mapother. He was born in 3rdjuly 1962. He is the cool and versatile actor as well the movie producer. He has nominated as for various three Academy Awards and got the three various Golden Globe Awards. He has started his filmy career since he was 19. The first movie of him is Taps. In a way he got lots of chances on the Hollywood movie industry. The lots of cool stuns and various good looking made the theater  hot as to be on the screen. Cruse is the awesome phenomena of the Hollywood movie industry. He has played various cool and gorgeous action movie as to be the real success man in the real life.
Tom Cruse seems the cool and in a simple person as on his real life. He has dedicated his whole life for the movie industry. So long its been successes in the real life too.
Well the upcoming fully awaited movie of the Curse is the Oblivion. This is really cool and action based movie. Where Cruse has to make the thing clear as on the animation based.  It is the science fiction film and this is the Radical Comics based movie.
The movie Oblivion is the cool movie as on the action as to prefer to the distraction of the rest Ellen ventures. In a story the court martial sent as to a veteran soldier as to the distant planet. Where lots of materials has been created as on the power. And he  needs to destroy the remain things of an alien race. As the arrival an unexpected people or the traveler makes the cause. And the question of what the thing he knows about the new extra planet. The mission and the topics depends upon the story.
Somehow it is really a kind of new based of story as to entertainment to the audiences. There are lots of topics are been created in the Hollywood movie industry. But this is the really cool and Nobel based story. It would be appreciate by the audiences. And so long there is the newly movie of the Tom Cruise, it would be the more plus point for the viewers. There would be something extra with the Cruse movie. This is the expectation of the viewers as on the move.
Somehow this movie also be the bluff buster as like before. So be cool and keep remain on people’s mind Mr. Tom Cruise.