Sunday, February 17, 2013

Jason Statham with Jennifer Lopez

Jeson Statham is the cool Hollywood actor as well producer. He had played various kind of moives in the Hollywood story based. There are huge success movies of the Statham. He seems cool and his acting skill is really awesome. He is the top 10 actor’s list got in the fifth. There are lots of cool movies that played by the Jeson and really got successes in those where he got seen. Its really good luck for him to be in the movie industry since his father business. There are lots of things that is really cool and suits to Statham.
Jennifer Lopez, the name like the person also the dashing and beautiful with the various skill on the real life. By the profession she is the good singer as well dancer. But the time made her as the actress too to her. This is also good as the acting skill of her in the movie. It doesn’t seem that she is newly one on the movie. She had played various movies. It is really good as to be on the Hollywood as suit on the screen of the viewer’s view. Lopez is the cool women and good in the real life as from the super natural world.
Well Jeson Statham and Jenifer Lopez is together on the screen on the movie Parker. The movie parker is really good and action based movie. Most of the movies of Statham’s are getting highly hit. And the movie parker is also the next example of it. Both famous actor and actress are same on the screen as to be on the viewer’s view. There are lots of things that not seen on the screen. But the mostly cool awesome pair as on the screen is really good looking.  There are lots of gossip matter in between two actor and actress. But well we don’t need to go to that way. And the Jeson and Jennifer is the mostly talented and cool person as on the Hollywood. And screen roled together this is really nice at all.
The movie Parker is the kind of little bit crime. But it has good reputation as on the viewers. The screen play of the two actors is really good combined as on the screen. So that made to as to work on the same screen from the different places as on one. The most known persons as on the same screen and being together is the good thing to the fans and followers of the Statham as well Lopez.