Sunday, February 10, 2013

Amazing Voice with Atif Aslam

 The amazing vocal cord having by the guy with the various good talents is the Atif Aslam. Aslam was born in 12 March 1984 in warizabad, Gujranwala, Punjab, Pakistan. He got his education form Lahore and Rawalpindi. His soulful voice makes everyone to fall for him. He has been working in his band ‘Jal’. Due to some problem he left the band and became solo. Its becoming the good for him to be known as the single solo performer. This is very rare that someone sees along with the right amount of personality and the right amount of talent, the charisma, the style, the courage, its as about the passion of the excel.

The talent becomes hidden first. Then it needs to be exposed.  Somehow each and every person have the talent in inner of him. But the matter is how to show and how much to show. This is the matter that the Atif Aslam is from Pakistan and he became well known in the world with his talent. Aslam is good singing guy with the cool and amazing voice. Each and every people must struggle for get the success in the life. In a same way the guy Aslam also had struggled for his career. There was no one that in music field of his family. His family background is not the musical. He has his raw talents by the time he made him the struggled guy and became at the well known stage.
There is the help of god in next hand to him. Because of knowing no one even not to support to him in a angle. But also he got touched the success of the hill. When he published his first album “Jal Pari” , it became the fate to him. He got lots of offers after of the songs got published in the Pakistan. He had been getting much more supports by the audiences. With the time he got the movie chance too. He is a good actor too. He had played in various music videos as well in the movie screen too. Somehow Aslam is the cool guy with the good appearance and having cool voice with to attract the persons heart in a time.