Friday, February 8, 2013

Wish to play Nepali Movie

Udita Goswami was born in Dehradun of Indian and studied in Kathmandu, capital city of Nepal. She is well popular in the Bollywood. Previous prime minister Tulasi Giri’s granddaughter Udita can speak Nepal language well. In Bollywood she had played in the various movies. Some of the top most movies are ‘Paap’, ‘Jehar’, ‘Aksar’, ‘Dil diya hey’, ‘Fox’, ‘Kis se pyar karu’, ‘Chase’, ‘mere dost picture avi baki hey’, ‘dairy of a butterfly’ and as so on. She had sang the song ‘kolaveri di’ in the nepali version too. She got the named as an the hot actress in the Bollywood industry.
She had gone for the modeling to the dilhi. During the time she met the producer Puja Bhatt. She had seen to Goswami in the magazine. Producer Bhatt had come to see to Udita to the dilhi. And latterly the producer gave her the break in the movie “paap”. It was the first moive of the Udita in the Bollywood movie industry. She was the top model during the time. That’s why she mustn’t struggle vary hard. She is the one who is really lucky. By the unthought achievement got in hand. Udita wants to go in Hollywood for the moive. And she wants to struggle in the Hollywood.
Udita Goswami is well known of Nepal. And her blood is of the nepali bravery person. She seems much more hot in the screen. But in real she is not as seen in the screen. She usually wears the normal jeans and t-shirt. She likes nepali food. Her family is totally of the nepali culture. It is really good and proud of the Nepal. Udita Goswami sings the nepali songs during the time. She thinks that the nepali are the such a bravery person who can give and take the life of the person in a second. That’s why she little scared with the nepali person. There are lots of things that she need to do in her life, she applied.
And eventually she expressed that she wants to play the nepali movie as on the nepali good script as for the good name.

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