Thursday, February 14, 2013

Canceled the tour due to severe injury by Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga was born in 28th march 1986. Her real name is Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta, but by the stage name she use to call Lady Gaga. She is versatile girl with her singing, dancing, with her style and many more. She is an American good singer, she writes the different songs as well. She has her own recording studio, she is in the fashion designer too and she is the cool business woman too. In a way she seems the cool girl at all.

Gaga had to miss by the rest dates on her born this way ball tour as on feb 13, with all after the revealing of that a severe hip injury needs the surgery. That’s all the getting postponed a handful of concert date as on feb,12, she announced the injury forcing to her to get back her born this way ball tour will and sideline the entire shows of her back problem. She had to refunded as she had to perform in time with her fans and followers. But of the her hip tearing problem made to her to go the hospital again as on the her time.
There have been saying the 26 years old singer’s rep as on the people magazine, after all the additional tests the reviews came as the severity of the issues, the gaga has a labral tear of her right side hip. She needs to get surgery to get rid of this problem and she must followed the treatment to get recover of this.
She has been hiding the problem of her as on the various performance as to get well with the fans and followers. This is chronic and critical to bear that is why she cancelled the tour. In the rest she has to bear some kind of problem but it is better to get the surgery to get well and get well performance to her audiences. There are huge amount of performances in the different places, different territory but it needs to care the health of own too be the good performer. Well there would be the good surgery of the Lady Gaga as to make the various tours and performances. This is the time that the Gaga need to have the good treatment to get heal soon and to be ready for the performance and the different tours.