Sunday, February 17, 2013

Bipasa Expressed, “I Don’t Know John”

During the past three years the mostly cool Bollywood actor and Bollywood actress’s love story as on the market. They were good lovers as the couple too. Both are well known actor and actress. The demand of the person’s are extremely high. John is the sexy guy with the good appearance and the girl Bipasa is also the gorgeous at all. Both are seem as the made for each other. They both are seem as the husband and wife together. After getting tragedy of the two lovers. They got singled. And during the time John caught the girl friend and Bipasa is still single.
The Bollywood industry is like this. Today one and next day the next one. Some how in a relationship it shouldn’t be. Both actor and actress are cool and versatile. They seem together as on mostly functions. Lots of people gets jealous by seeming to them as on the couple. John Abraham is the Bollywood actor as the success guy. He has own style and own peripheral as to act and work. And in a same way the Bipasa Basu is also the same type of. They are really awesome couple at all. But by some causes they became apart and it is now on the topic of not getting the touched of the water too. This is not the good news but of the loving person gets apart is really the sadly movement at the world. It becomes the mostly worse time period.
The more and more loving person, the talk of mostly is about the beloved person and it gets abstracts then how the situation creates ? well of during the several interviewed Bollywood actress Bipasa Basu use to answerd, “I don’t known john. I never known and met this person before, so don’t often to get me this topic again”, she use to anser.
Of the beloved person, asking the question is answering about the wrong and I don’t know of the person. What happened to her as to saying the answer of not knowing of the thing. This is really amazing thing that ever not to listen from any couple. So what is the matter that they both got broke up and getting this upset with each other. The subject to be thought.